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Austin Proper Residences Penthouse

Luxury Staging

Baiza Interiors transformed a penthouse at the Austin Proper Residences in Austin, Texas, using soft fabrics, natural elements, unique furniture and art, lighter hues, and warm lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. We combined textures and tones, such as woven fabrics and warm wood accents, to create an inviting environment. Greenery throughout the space added a touch of nature, while fresh-cut flowering branches were added to the dining table for a little drama.

We wanted to emphasize individuality in the bedrooms, so we went with three different looks. In the office, we carried the upscale look throughout. Furniture pieces were chosen to provide comfort and style, while artwork was added to personalize the space. Modern and traditional elements were used throughout the home to create a timeless and inviting atmosphere. The furnishings were carefully chosen to bring a sense of luxury and comfort.

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