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Cohoba Dr: A Thousand Arches

Luxury Staging

Welcome to our latest project showcase: a meticulously remodeled two-story house curated with care by the talented duo Mindy Suggs and Adrian Heredia. Inspired by the elegant Palladian windows adorning the home, their design embraced a thematic celebration of arches, infusing each space with a timeless allure.

From the moment you step inside, prepare to be captivated by the stunning finishes selected to harmonize with the home's redesign. Our staging approach was deliberate and refined, ensuring every

detail complemented the space flawlessly. Witnessing the sheer delight on our clients' faces affirmed the success of our vision.


Drawing from the essence of the remodel, we curated a palette that remained grounded yet ethereal, weaving together textures of leather, velvet, and natural wood punctuated by the warmth of brass accents. The result? A seamless fusion of sophistication and comfort, inviting inhabitants to indulge in the luxury of home.

Photography by: Vast Media |  Michael Milam

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