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Dublin Dr: Seductive Modern

Luxury Staging

Introducing our latest project in the vibrant heart of South Austin, where style meets sophistication. Nestled in a community that exudes energy and creativity, our team had the pleasure of staging a home that perfectly blends trendsetting materials with a touch of allure.


The investors' keen eye for contemporary design provided a canvas of inspiration. Embracing the existing elements, we crafted a seamless plan to amplify the property's unique features. What sets this project apart is the collaborative spirit shared with our clients. Their openness to our suggestions and trust in our vision allowed us to curate an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary.


Our staging concept? A seductive modern vibe that mirrors the property's exterior allure. From the bold strokes of black paint gracing the façade to the allure of bronze accents in the kitchen, every detail was meticulously chosen. Brass elements intertwine with

the space, creating a harmonious symphony of sophistication.


But it doesn't stop there—enter the realm of fun and daring with a captivating wallpaper choice that adds personality and dimension to a bathroom. The result is a home that not only pops but pulsates with an undeniable charm. It's a celebration of dark and sexy, a contemporary masterpiece that beckons to be experienced.


At Baiza Interiors, we revel in the opportunity to transform spaces, and this South Austin residence was no exception. We invite you to explore a fusion of modern elegance and avant-garde style, where every corner tells a story, and every detail ignites the senses. Welcome to a home where trendy materials and visionary staging collide, creating an ambiance that's both alluring and unforgettable.

Remodel: Investor Wives

Staging: Baiza Interiors

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