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4 Signs It's Time to Bring in a Professional Staging Company to Sell Your Home


A primary bedroom in a high rise with incredible views
Staged by Baiza Interiors at 44 East Ave PH 4502

In the world of real estate, opinions on the value of hiring a staging

company can be quite diverse. While some may question the necessity of this service and hesitate to invest in it, the statistics tell a different story. Staging your home can prove to be a game-changer, potentially accelerating the selling process by up to 10% and significantly reducing the time your property spends on the market. In this blog post, we'll discuss key signs your home or listing should be staged for a quicker, more profitable sale.

1. Your Home Isn't Selling

Randy Baiza adjusts some decor items in a built in for a house that his team staged
Randy Baiza, Owner and Lead Designer of Baiza Interiors.

If your home isn't selling, the first solution should be staging. It transforms your space to captivate potential buyers, helping them envision their future in your home. Creating a broad appeal is essential; otherwise, you risk missing out on potential buyers. Below are some of the top reasons unstaged homes tend to sit on the market.

  1. Poor Presentation: Lack of proper presentation, including clutter, outdated decor, or personal items, can make it difficult for potential buyers to visualize themselves in the space.

  2. Limited Buyer Appeal: Homes that don't cater to a broad range of potential buyers or those with specific layout or design issues may struggle to attract interest.

  3. Competitive Market: In a competitive real estate market, not staging your home can put you at a disadvantage compared to similar properties that are staged to showcase their full potential.

2. Potential Buyers Aren't Impressed

When potential buyers come to inspect your home, their reactions, or lack thereof, can provide valuable insights. If you find that no one is offering compliments or showing interest in the aesthetics of your property, it's a clear signal to pay attention. This is where the benefits of home staging come into play. Home staging not only helps your listing shine in the online marketplace but also allows you to effectively showcase any additional rooms and unique layouts your property may have. Moreover, it aids in crafting a design that resonates with potential buyers, enabling them to establish a personal and emotional connection with your home.

Looking down a hallway with art on the walls.
A luxury staged property by Baiza Interiors.

3. Not Knowing Who Your Target Buyer and Market Is

Hiring a professional stager is crucial when you're uncertain about your target buyer and the market dynamics. These experts possess invaluable insights into the specific demographics and preferences of potential buyers in various areas, enabling them to tailor your home's presentation to precisely match those expectations. A professional stager understands how to create a visual narrative that resonates with the target audience, making your property more appealing and relatable. Moreover, their awareness of market trends ensures that your home stays in sync with current demands, ultimately increasing its chances of a quicker and more lucrative sale. In a real estate market where first impressions matter significantly, professional stagers bring the expertise needed to set your property apart and attract the right buyers.

4. You Don't Know Essential Interior Design Principles and Furniture Placement

Stock photo of a leather sofa.

Ensuring a consistent color scheme and cohesive feel throughout your home is essential when preparing it for sale, and hiring a professional staging company can make all the difference.  A harmonious color palette and overall ambiance create an inviting and visually appealing atmosphere that resonates with potential buyers. Additionally, the strategic placement of furniture is equally crucial; it should showcase the functionality and versatility of each space. Homebuyers want to envision themselves entertaining guests comfortably without feeling cramped or constrained.

Hire Baiza Interiors + Staging for your Staging Needs

As experts in luxury home staging, we have climbed to the top within a short amount of time. Our clients can see our understanding of common design principles and know that we are very meticulous about each house that we are hired to stage. We purposefully invest in high-quality furniture, art, and decor to make each of our projects stand out from the competition, and we're excited to see the growth. To get the process going with working with us, please fill out our contact form and select "Staging." We look forward to hearing from you!


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