Primary Bedroom for Short Term Rental

Short & Long Term Rental Design

Do you need help making your rental stand out in a saturated market?

Baiza Interiors has a unique experience with short-term rentals that can help you make your property stand out in the crowd.  Our knowledge of what renters both need and want gives us a unique perspective when it comes to the design of your property.  We’ve done the design research and we know what types of homes perform well in the Austin market.  

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✓ We start every project with a consultation to make sure that we are the right designer for your needs.

✓ We come up with a design plan that is both beneficial and realistic.  Some projects can take weeks if not months, depending on what is needed.

✓ We come up with a plan specific to your project, keeping in mind other top performing STRs in the area.

✓ We can cater the design to the market you are trying to reach; Are you trying to attract travelers here on business or do you want a fun, themed house that is more suitable to groups?

✓ We are available to help you manage all aspects of the design project so that you can focus your time and energy on other things. 

Full-Service Design

Full-Service Design is our signature turnkey service, meaning that we provide you with an all-in-one experience.  We cover everything from one-of-a-kind furnishings, window treatments, and of course, curated art & accessories. We design, select, order, store, and install all of your furniture and styling pieces.  We will also help design vignettes around your home the day professional photos are taken - these have been proven to get more potential renters to click on your property.  Well thought out homes with unique or unexpected design always stand out on STR websites.

After our complimentary phone consultation, we will conduct a $295, 1.5 hour, in-home consultation. We take a tour of your property and discuss your vision for each space. You may choose to have Baiza Interiors assist you with the next steps or embrace our ideas and complete your vision. In the end, you’ll receive a report of our recommendations and a project proposal.

How does Full-Service Design Work?

We start off with a phone consultation to learn about your project and determine if we are the right fit for your needs. If we both feel confident in our work relationship, we'll schedule an in-person meeting to review your space, present your project proposal, and kick off our work together.

During this phase we confirm the scope of the project, establish an ideal furniture layout, create a per-room investment plan, and confirm the aesthetic direction of your design project. We will also come up with a list of amenities that would be ideal to include at the home in order to give your guests the best stay possible and garner 5 star reviews. At the Conceptual Design presentation, you’ll review and approve inspiration boards and initial design selections. 

In the Detailed Design phase, we get ready to turn approved ideas into concrete selections. We source furnishing (keeping in mind that everything must stand up to many types of guests) and create detailed floor plans, elevation drawings, vision boards, and, if applicable, 3D renderings. All of this is presented along with a proposal to create a complete picture of your design.

As furniture arrives, we can help oversee the assembly and implementation to ensure that everything goes smoothly and matches the design plan. We will also fully stock, decorate, and make the home “guest ready” so that it will be showcased accurately in the listing photos.


On the day photos are taken, we will create little vignettes around the home with prop styling to ensure the resulting photos are enticing and make more people want to stay at the property. We will also stay during the photos to make sure the styling looks its best from room to room as photos are being taken. If you need help selecting a photographer, we can offer a list of our preferred photographers.

Love the idea of a custom Short-Term/Long-Term Rental design, but don’t require the full service?  Check out our Designer for a Day service which can also be applied to rentals!